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What is different about our t-shirts?

What is different about our t-shirts?

Join the revolution in fashion, design and politics.

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The world needs more revolutionaries - just like you!

Our company was set up to cater for people who had something to say, people like you. Your clothes can say a lot about you, but when you wear our t-shirts you are saying I am not a designer label sheep, I am a lion. The theme of our brand is to promote great men and women from the past and present who were revolutionaries and trail blazers in their chosen field.

We have seven categories:  Artistic, Humorous, Musical, Philosophical, Political, Scientific and Sporting. We are bringing more original designs online all the time. Why not subscribe to our newsletter for updates on all new t-shirt designs, or use the contact form to make suggestions for new revolutionaries to create original designs for. Our designs are not restricted to just t-shirts. We can supply any of our unique, original, quality designs on long sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, vests, sweat shirts, hoodies, or hoodie dresses. 

All our designs are unique and will make you stand out from the crowd. By wearing any of the t-shirts and other garments that we sell, you are making a statement. You are saying, "I am the sort of person that thinks about, and cares about, the sort of world we all live in. I want to make it a better place and I want you to help me". And do you know what? That makes YOU are a revolutionary too.